615 – GAA Pets – Kildare


Your pet at Croke Park dressed in your/their GAA team county colours. framed ceramic art.

  • Your pet dressed in Kildare’s GAA team colours
  • Personalised with Text
  • Choice of Framed Ceramic Art Tile Sizes
  • Choice of frames
  • Design it online (easy and fun)
  • Ready to hang
  • Picture stand also included
  • Printed and handmade to the highest quality
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Kildare GAA pet portrait – you personalise it

Are you shopping for a Kildare GAA fan?  Something unique for birthday – or you want a beautiful piece of artwork for your home? Spice it up with a pet-portrait – incorporating text into the image. You can never go wrong here as you design it yourself. To start, click the Customize button.

Once you are in our online-Pet-Portrait-Maker upload your pets photo and edit the text. It is that easy to use and can be quite fun as well. You don’t even have to be accurate in placing your image and text – as our skilled artists will do all that for you after you’ve ordered. The Portrait-Maker will allow you to see if the angle of your pets head suits the Kildare GAA pose. You don’t want your pet pointing one way and the jersey the other. 🙂  If it looks odd, try another photo, or even a different pose from our pet collection.

Once ordered, we will remove the background from around your pets head and digitally paint them into the Kildare jersey. When we are done your pets’ photo will be turned into an art masterpiece. It will look like an oil-painted portrait as if painted by Leonardo da Vinci himself. 🙂

Whatever the occasion, these pet portraits are the perfect option for when a plain, boring, generic piece-of-art just won’t do.

Have some fun designing your Kildare GAA pet portrait now by clicking the Customize button.

How it WorksPicture parcel pet portrait - online design software.

You design your painting using our online design software. You can upload your pets photo and place them into position, you can also add your text and play around with it.

Have Fun!!!!

The software is so easy to use and quite fun as well. Just upload your photo and edit the text – thats it, you’re done. And you don’t have to be accurate so you can do it on a mobile. In the software you will see if the angle of your pets’ head suits the pose you have chosen. You don’t want your pets head looking one direction and the body going the other way. 🙂
If they look right together, great! If they look odd, try another photo, or a different pose.

Once you’ve finished your design and ordered the product our skilled artists will digitally paint your portrait from your design. They will remove the unwanted background from around your pets head and place it in the correct position. All text will be checked so its easy to read and stands out from the background. We will turn your pet photo into an art masterpiece.

Before we finish, we will send you by email a copy of the portrait so you can inspect it.  You can then make changes or tell us if its good to go.
It’ll look like an oil-painted portrait, as if painted by Michelangelo himself. 🙂Picture Parcel pet portrait. Online design / painting software of pet portraits.

Good Pet Photo Guideline

It’s important to provide a high quality photo of your pet.Picture Parcel Pet Portraits- Good pet photo guidelines.

  • Try to get a good close up of your pet so that their head is not too small
  • Take the photo in good lighting (outdoor daylight is best). Bad lighting could make your picture dark and effect the colour of your pets fur
  • Try to take the photo at eye level with your pet
  • We find the Noble pet portraits works best if the pet is looking away from the camera, but you’ll have an idea from the software.
  • Ensure the picture image is good and sharp – avoid blurry photographs
  • Make sure your pets whole head is in the picture (including ears) and that nothing is obscuring any part of the head.


You have a choice between 2 frame types

A gold and brown decorative frame. A traditional looking Frame.

Brown and Gold Decorative Solid Frame

A white frame, contemporary looking. Made in Ireland.

White Frame - Modern and Stylish.


Please note that on occasion we may have to change frame design slightly depending on instock items. You will always get the colour you ordered but the frame thickness and construction may be different. We do guarantee you will always get a high quality, solid construction frame.